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Monday, April 23, 2007

SWOT Analysis Of North East India Tourism


  1. Blessed by Mother Nature, Northeast India is pristine beauty to watch.

  2. Tribes, fabulous culture, and bewildering festivals make it a best haunt.

  3. Surrounded by tourist zones of India

  4. Good number of technical and non technical people available as manpower resource


  1. Image problem - The region is quite popular for its terrorist activities.

  2. Low awareness in the market about the tourism products of the region.

  3. Connectivity - Psychological distance and time distance

  4. Lack of network and synergy among public and private organization of the

  5. region.

  6. Has to develop more organized tours cross borders.

  7. Less funds for tourism.

  8. No regional tourism development or marketing plan..

  9. Poor rail and road connectivity within the region.

  10. Strong competition with other states of India and abroad as well.

  11. Terrorism is a major threat to tourism in this region

  12. Organizing tourism development


  1. GOI is giving special attention to Northeast India

  2. Asian Development Bank is preparing a Sub- Regional Plan for development of tourism covering Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal, North East Region figures prominently in this Plan because of the Asian Highway.

  3. Potential for private sector's investment in tourism projects.

  1. Strong Competition with other states of India and abroad.

  2. Terrorism is a major setback of the region.

  3. Disorganized tourism developement.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Incredible Facts of North East India

  • Also known as NE , the region initially had the seven states- Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and were coined as the "Seven Sisters of India". Later Sikkim also became a part of NE.

  • The zone is located in the Northeast region of India at a Latitude 21.57and Longitude 88 with an area of 25.5 million Sq. Km (7.8% of the land mass of the country).

  • It borders China in North,Bangladesh to the South West, Bhutan and Nepal to the North West and Myanmar to the East.

  • " Chicken Neck" connects NE to the rest of India. It is narrow corridor of 33 km on eastern side and 21 km on Western Side.

  • Approximately 70% of NE is hilly region.

  • Myers 2000 recognized Northeast India as the 7 most bio diverse regions of the world.

  • NE possesses more than 550 varieties of orchids,which is said to be almost 70% of the total orchid species identified so far.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Meghalaya- Destination Guide 4

Meghalaya is one of the best destination of Northeast India. Dissected by sparkling flow of water meadows, Meghalaya is crystal beauty worth exploring. Exuberant sites, lustful greens, and equally amicable people make this abode top the tourist chart. Eluding Meghalaya from Northeastern tour is next to impossible.

Why Visit Meghalaya?

  • Shillong Peak
  • Sohpetbneng Peak
  • Ward's Lake
  • Shillong Cathedral
  • Nartiang
  • Caves waterfalls.

Fast Facts

  • Capital: Shillong
  • Area: 22,429 square km.
  • Population: 2,306,069 (2004)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Manipur - Destination Guide 3

Feast your eyes with intoxicating sites and euphoric ambiance. It is just like a perfect illusion you would have created in your mind. Scenic locales with salubrious climate, Manipur is often termed as “the Switzerland of East.” Come and discover Manipur and see what it holds for you!

What to See in Manipur?
  • Khonghampat Orchidarium
  • War Cemetery
  • Zoological Gardens
  • Govindajee Temple

“ It is such a beautiful place Manjari, I was completely overwhelmed by the well cultured people and their simplicity. Manipur is must on North East Itinerary.” said Kaustav. You can contact Kaustav for his views at

Fast Facts
Capital: Imphal
Area: 22,327 sq km
Population: 2.3 million
Languages spoken: Manipuri, Hindi, English, Burmese, Tibeto

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Friday, April 6, 2007

Arunachal Pradesh - Destination Guide 2

Loose yourself in one of the most charming land of Northeast India - Arunachal Pradesh. Distinct and captive Arunachal Pradesh is the land of lush green forests, deep river valleys and plateaus. Walk on winding lanes of the mountainous terrain to discover the unkept beauty.

Pamper yourself in the surreal ambiance of Arunachal Pradesh and know more about the fascinating spots that dot the state. A peculiar stupefaction pervades the mind as you enter the green zone so much so that you are left with no other thing but to be bedazzled.

The state is dissected by five river valleys - The Kameng, the Subansiri, the Siang, the Lohit and the Tirap.

What to see Arunachal Pradesh?
  • Tawang Monastery
  • Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Orchid Research Centre
  • Dr.D.Ering Wildlife Sanctuary Bomdila

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Assam - Destination Guide 1

Rekindle your thoughts, mind , body and soul to embark your journey to the charming land of Assam. Escape to land of Rhinos' that would arouse your thirst for exploration. For Itchi feet, Assam offers plethora of joints to enjoy. Harbour yourself here as spending time in Assam would not be a loss!

With Kaziranga national park backing up as a powerful tourist attractions, Assam is surely a place to rejoice. Enjoy the Ala Carte' , euphonious music and foot tapping dance. I am sure you would be enamored by the priceless beauty of the region.

What to See in Assam?
  • Kaziranga National Park
  • Manas Wildife Sanctuary
  • Umananda Temple
  • Brahmputra
  • Kamakhya Temple

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Prelude to North East India

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Rejuvenate your soul with vibrant Assam, bewildering Meghalaya, effervescent Nagaland,gorgeous Sikkim and charming Manipur. Feast your eyes with the scenic locales and attain complete salvation in the terrain blessed by god. Reinvent yourself as an explorer while wandering down the hills in search of hot spots which could actually make your day. A part of India which is so "different" yet so "alike" make North East India- 'A paradise unexplored!.'

Worth a Visit.

  • An Orchid farm of Manipur offers an invigorating welcome to wanderers.
  • The rarest and the endangered species the " one-horned Rhino" awaits you to have a dekho at them in Kaziranga National Park.
  • Get hold of the " Assam tea gardens" and know from where most Indians get their "Cuppa" of tea.
  • The Tribal lore rules here as the zone is a shelter to more than 166 separate tribes.
  • The mesmerizing dance and music of this region woo the globe trotters to spend awesome vacations here.
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