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Monday, April 23, 2007

SWOT Analysis Of North East India Tourism


  1. Blessed by Mother Nature, Northeast India is pristine beauty to watch.

  2. Tribes, fabulous culture, and bewildering festivals make it a best haunt.

  3. Surrounded by tourist zones of India

  4. Good number of technical and non technical people available as manpower resource


  1. Image problem - The region is quite popular for its terrorist activities.

  2. Low awareness in the market about the tourism products of the region.

  3. Connectivity - Psychological distance and time distance

  4. Lack of network and synergy among public and private organization of the

  5. region.

  6. Has to develop more organized tours cross borders.

  7. Less funds for tourism.

  8. No regional tourism development or marketing plan..

  9. Poor rail and road connectivity within the region.

  10. Strong competition with other states of India and abroad as well.

  11. Terrorism is a major threat to tourism in this region

  12. Organizing tourism development


  1. GOI is giving special attention to Northeast India

  2. Asian Development Bank is preparing a Sub- Regional Plan for development of tourism covering Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal, North East Region figures prominently in this Plan because of the Asian Highway.

  3. Potential for private sector's investment in tourism projects.

  1. Strong Competition with other states of India and abroad.

  2. Terrorism is a major setback of the region.

  3. Disorganized tourism developement.
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