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Saturday, June 2, 2007


Original Khasis are the only Mon-Khymer people in the entire area. Khasis facial features and costumes are very similar to those of Thailand, Cambodia and Laos and their language belongs to the Mon-Khymer group of dialects.

Khasis are geographical cland subdivided in the Jaintia Hills are called the Jaintias or Phars and those in the southern highlands and lowland people are Bhois..

This tribe is fun loving and entertains with live music and dance. It would be a pleasure to visit a tribal house with their cleaned rooms and compounds, high polished wooden floors and sloping red green roofs.

Every Khasi offers visitor tea and kwai, the raw betel nut they all chew almost constantly, wrapped in bettle leaf touched with lime.

Festivals of Khasis
• Christmas in December
• Shad Shukham Mensium in spring
• Baden-Khla, at Jowai in monsoon season after paddy sowing.


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