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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Precautions To Be Taken By Traveller to North East India

North East India is terror stuck. Everyday, we hear news about terrorism in the region. This has been the major cause behind the lapse of tourism in this bewitching zone.

North East is a charming zone of northern eastern part of India . It is the melting point of three major biogeographical zone of India and not visting is definitely missing something.

If you take extra precautions and security, North East India could be wandered without much fear. Only you need to follow some rules and adhere to your own safety.

 It is very important for travellers to procure a good and reputed travel agent. Travel agents would be your only guide to the region, so it is necessary that they provide genuine and latest updates of the condition prevailing.

 Once you are done with travel agents, you must see the period when you are visiting. Search for news and latest information on North East India, incase you happened to see any misconduct, it is advisable that you skip that time.
 Take a Valid Visa and Passport.
 Avoid unnecessary photography
 Get requisite medical check up done.
 Incase you find anything suspectful while travelling in North East India, it is advisable to report to the Police immidiately


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