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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nagaland Tourism Guide

Nagaland located at the north- eastern part of India, is bordered by the state of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh from the north, Burma from the east and Manipur from the north. The capital of the state is Kohima but the largest city of the state is Dimapur.

Nagaland is known to be the smallest state of the country. It is the small hilly state home to the sixteen tribes and sub tribes, each having their own language and dialect to communicate. The people of the state are known as the Nagas and they are having own culture and tradition which is very different living style from rest of the people from the country.

Nagaland as the place has the very colorful culture and is an important part of the country which is having 16 officially declared languages. The festivals of the state rotates around the agricultural cycle. The songs and dances are the soul features of the festivals of the state. As Ngaland is having the natural beauty therefore it has always been a good tourist spot. The Indian Government is also working hand in hand with the state to promote the tourism industry in the state. When the people feel stressed out with heavy workloads of the day to day work and if anyone wants to recharge the energy can always visit the place Nagaland. As the place is the hill station therefore, an individual will feel freshness in both mind and body in this remote hill station.

The department of tourism in the state also offers the package in the and it also conducts tours within the state as well as outside the Nagaland. The tourism depart of Nagaland offers Trekking and camping facility. In Nagaland, there are lots of opportunity for the adventure sports. The travel guide will help in exploring the every possible destination of the state. The detailed map of the state is the major requirement when any visitors comes to visit the place. Although the tourism is not so developed in the state still the government is trying well to develop the tourism there. Being a rural area, Nagaland donot have much modern amenities. The local people still welcomes the tourists with what the best they can provide guests and tourists.

The place is situated at the far north eastern part of the state and the special attraction of the state does not combines forts, palaces, temples etc. The place is serene in nature and is not at all effected by the industrialized world. It is the place which is having its own customs and traditions and has the wide flora and fauna that exist in the dense forestland.

Tribes: Among all the attraction of the state the major one is the tribes of the state who are having their own attires, tradition and cultural heritage. They are having their own folklores and festivals that displays their culture and tradition.

Kohima Village:
Kohima Village is a special place and an attractive tourist attraction. The Kohima village is adorned with the weapons and the warriors that is the folk symbol of the state.

World War II Cemetery: The next special attraction of the state is the World War II cemetery which is the combined troop of Britishers and Indians. The martyrs of the World War II has been buried over here. “When you go home, tell them of us and say / For your tomorrow, we gave our today” has been written over there at the wall.

Shangnyu Village: It is the 8ft and 12ft high monument that has been built by the wood and it has been believed by the people that it has been made by the heavenly angels. This village was ruled by the Angh and it is built in front of the Angh's palace.

Japfu Peak: The peak is known to be the second highest peak in the state which measures around 130ft at its height and the girth at the base is 11ft and it is also featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. It gives a beautiful view of the Himalayan ranges and the and also of Kohima town.

How to reach Nagaland:

Air: Dimapur is the only airport in Nagaland. The flights from Guwahati and Kolkata are directly connected to Dimapur and the connections can be made from other airports through Kolkata and Guwahati.

Railways: Dimapur has the railway station on the main line of North Eastern Frontier Railway. The railways is connected directly Guwahati.

Roadways: From Dimapur to Kohima there is lots of taxis are running. Buses are also there that connect directly from Dimapur and Kohima to Guwahati and Shillong. Tourists can also hire a taxi or a car from Guwahati and can reach Kohima. The drive takes around 6-7 hours.


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